Migration and Remittances 2014
Publication : 26 octobre, 2014 > par Sidney Usher | Catégorie(s) : | Commentaire(s) (Pas de commentaire)

This report is about the update on migration and remittance data as well as salient policy developments in the area of international migration and development.

According to new data released by the United Nations, there were 232 million international migrants (or 3.2 percent of world population) in 2013, up from 175 million in 2000.2 In contrast with common perceptions, South-South migration was larger than South-North migration: 82.3 million (or 36 percent) of migrants from developing countries lived in another developing country, compared to 81.9 million (or 35 percent of migrants from the South) lived in a developed country. Women accounted for 48 percent of international migrants.

Based on recent data released by the IMF and central bank sources, international migrant remittances to developing countries are estimated to have reached $404 billion in 2013…